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Being responsible for the entire future of NBA basketball in Milwaukee is a lot to put on the shoulders of even an outstanding young player like Jabari Parker, but, believe it or not, a lot more Read more

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Bigger class sizes, high teacher turnover, computer-based learning and “turnaround” districts won’t close the student achievement gap, according to a new report from the Read more

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“Almost always, the answer is: Take the money.”That’s what former Republican Assembly speaker turned voucher school lobbyist Scott Read more

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Everybody goes a little basketball crazy during the NCAA tournament, but some of the talk around basketball in Milwaukee these days sounds more like pure lunacy. Read more

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About 50 low-wage and displaced workers took over the offices of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce (MMAC) last Thursday to ask the city’s business Read more

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Evidently a very, VERY longstanding theatrical tradition, the Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa's annual One Acts festival reaches its 28th year this year. The festival makes it to the Carte Blanche Studio Theatre this month. The one-acts feature.. Read more


So, has everyone caught “Let's Tear Down the Bradley Center and Build a New One” fever yet? Read more

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As we slowly emerge from the second-worst economic crisis in American history, strong business leadership is vitally important in order to create good-paying jobs and spur economic development. Unfortunately, in Wisconsin, business leaders... Read more

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Barrett’s attempt to seize control of MilwaukeePublic Schools (MPS) from the elected school board failed to muster enoughsupport in the Legislature last week to even bring up the issue after Gov. JimDoyle called a special session. The Legis... Read more

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Could 157,117 voters bewrong? On Election Day, 69% of Milwaukee voters supported manda Los Angeles Times. ,News Features Read more

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First Stage's adaptation of Lois Lowry's Gossamer begins with a waif-like girl engaged in Gossamer ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Back in May, I wrote a post on Ladies... about how much I hate "Manny being Manny" and all the excuses that were being made for him and his steroid usage.Though at the time I was talking about Manny's steroid usage, a few of the paragraphs are pr.. Read more

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