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Last week, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a major blow to Gov. Scott Walker and his political allies more

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On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court announced two stunning—but not surprising—decisions. The five conservative members ruled that some corporations are people more

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Recently unsealed John Doe court documents shed light on what prosecutors call a “criminal scheme” in which Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign and allied dark-money more

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The campaign against Wisconsin’s John Doe criminal probe is being led by groups bankrolled in part by the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, which has $600 more

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Janesville Congressman Paul Ryan is at it again. The alleged intellectual leader of the Republican Party is trying to find ways to look concerned about poor people at the same time he’s dismantling safety net more

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A clearer picture is emerging of a well-funded network of right-wing experts and think tanks that promote corporate interests in the media and state legislatures around the country more

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On Monday, a 14-4 supermajority of the Milwaukee County board overrode County Executive Chris Abele’s veto of their plan to reform county government at a local level. more

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How accurate is the news you're getting from a nonprofit “independent news service” such as Wisconsin Reporter... more

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The Syrian-born singer Gaida was immersed in the musical traditions of her homeland while growing up but found her voice only after moving to New York City. On Levantine Indulgence, she sings in the passionately expressive ululations of the... more

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