In My Mind'S Eye

Cedarburg Art Museum will celebrate the opening of two newexhibitions on Friday, Sept. 9. The featured artists, Art Gebhardt and GailMacejkovic, will be present at the party from 6–8 p.m. “In the Mind’s Eye” explores the thought-prov.. more

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Talented actress Stephanie Staszak opened the first door into the theatre. Equally talented stage actress Shannon Tyburski opened the second door. With this kind of talent opening the doors, it’s really no surprise that In My Mind’s Eye has a gre.. more


Countless actors have traversed the dark, twisted corridors of Shakespeare's Hamlet over the years. But time has largely rendered what was once a deep, vibrant drama into a museum artifact. In the four centuries since the play was written, ... more


Alongside its rougher-edged cousin Chicago house, Detroit techno has irrevocably altered the very DNA of popular music, all without ever completely surrendering its underground credibility. By sparking the worldwide rave phenomenon (and by ... more

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Arguably no one has been a more recognizable figure in the American drum and bass scene in the last 15 years than Dieselboy, who’s found tremendous commercial success since he first introduced himself with his now-legendary 1994 mixtape, Th... more

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