Strange water spots form on the ceiling of her rundown apartment and worse still are apparitions of a girl who went missing two years earlier. Japanese director Hideo Nakata’s Dark Water makes us wonder: Is it madness, a ghost or a conspira... more

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Few jurists have inspired a best-selling book by John Grisham, appeared in an acclaimed documentary, been the subject of congressional hearings and will see their life story play out in a more

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Contemporary gospel music is often nothing more than bad pop—or at best mediocre R&B—with lyrics about Jesus. By contrast, the Como Mamas are the real deal, three Mississippi women raising the rafters in songs that expose more

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Only a small number of blues musicians are still alive among those who were raised in Mississippi and moved to Chicago in the 1950s to contribute to the modern, electric blues sound and influence other forms of American... more

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Just11 pages into In Search of the Blues(Basic Books), author Marybeth Hamilton comes ri In Search of the Blues ,Books more

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