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Mrs. Fun brought their jazzy tunes and adventurous artistry to Summerfest’s Klement’s Sausage and Beer Garden Stage. Read more

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Has the first decade of this century already become a time of nostalgic memories? Check out today’s headliners at the amphitheater, The Killers and Death Cab for Cutie, two of the most popular and hippest bands to emerge in the '00s. Read more

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For the fifth year, the Shepherd Express LGBTQ Progress Awards honors people and organizations that have worked and taken risks to improve conditions for LGBTQ people in Wisconsin. Read more


Keyboardist-vocalist Connie Grauer and drummer Kim Zick are Mrs. Fun, whose new album, Truth, documents the duo’s vast expressive range and stylistic diversity. Read more

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A feature interview with Shepherd Express Assistant Editor of Arts & Entertainment John Schneider on his 2018 Milwaukee Fringe Festival performance, Where or When: The Life and Songs of Lorenz Hart. Read more

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Singer/songwriter Peggy James’ fourth album demonstrates an organic consistency sonically and lyrically, with melodies and words sliding out together like twins from the womb. Read more

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After an absence from public shows, Mrs. Fun will perform at Sunset Playhouse’s SideNotes Cabaret Series. Read more

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Longtime fans of Milwaukee’s Mrs. Fun have often wondered how two women could generate so much music from a slender rack of keyboards and a drum set. On their collaboration with Skylight Opera Theatre star Paula Read more

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Between the summertime weather, the continued proliferation of the mojito and Fidel Castro’s headline-making faux-endorsement of Barack Obama, Cuba has been on the mind lately. A new Milwaukee ensemb,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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