Musical Masquers

Agatha Christie might well have been one of the first novelists to adapt her own work for the stage. Her 1937 novel Death on the Nile served as the foundation for her script for the 1944 play Murder on the Nile. The story features her hero.. Read more



Simons Dinner Party

West Bend’s Musical Masquers are going to be staging a production of the Neil Simon comedy The Dinner Party. It’s later-period Simon that had its world premiere in L.A. in ’99. It’s set at a dinner party at a first-rate restaurant in Paris. Turn.. Read more


The thought of another Halloween staging of Dracula  isn’t exactly an exciting one. The story has been exposed to death and un-death and death again onstage countless times over the years. What’s really interesting about Theater RED’s prod.. Read more


A casual glance at the Musical Masquer's Facebook page looks promising. Things are coming along. Patsy has mastered the art of coconutting. Arthur has mastered the art of pointing at his feet. There’s a good chance that Sir Robbin is limberi.. Read more


Out for a long walk one night, Mark Bucher kept going and going until he found himself on a bleak stretch of South Kinnickinnic Avenue, among the ruins of a once-thriving business district in an obscure corner of town called Bay View. It wa... Read more

A&E Feature

A dark new breed of progressive rock has emerged in recent years, marked by doomy atmospherics and strong emotion, and starring such bands as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Riverside and Anathema. Now add to that growing list Poland’s Votum, whose ... Read more

Album Reviews

Headlining Bay View’s Chill on the Hill concert series tonight are the 5 Card Studs, a kitschy, Las Vegas-styled revue that performs over-the-top, swinging covers of pop and rock songs. They put a particular emphasis on the AM Gold hits Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Balkan brass band music captivated California clarinetist Peter Jaques after he discovered the genre by exploring one of its cultural cousins, klezmer. Like his models in the Serbian Gypsy bands from the former Yugoslavia, Jaques’ group fou... Read more

Album Reviews