Burlesque: theword calls to mind a titillating abundance of skin coupled with the nominaldecency of pasties and stringy undergarments. But burlesque enthusiasts insistthat the genre should not be confused with pornography. To prevent suchconfu.. more

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Since they posted it for free streaming on their Bandcamp page last fall, the only way to hear Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman's album as Eric & Magill, All Those I know, has been online. Now the two have launched a Kickstarter fund-raising campaign .. more

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Pharrell Williams' vanity project N.E.R.D. is at its worst when it overreaches, and on its last two albums, it overreached pretty badly. For those listeners willing to grant the group a third strike, though, the group's new Nothing is a modest ple.. more

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Summerfest hasn't released its 2010 attendance figures yet, but I'll be surprised if the final numbers aren't strong. The music festival was blessed with 11 days of near-perfect weather and, perhaps as importantly, seemed to enjoy a renewed air of.. more

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As The Neptunes production team, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were among the most reliable hit-makers of the last decade, racking up hits for rappers, R&B singers and pop stars alike. They were never able to duplicate that same chart more

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Ironically, synthetic herbicides are poisonous not just to earthworms but to your lawn, too! Not to mention the harm they do to all the other innocent bystanders such as you, your family and pets, birds, wildlife and our waterways (and therefore f.. more

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The Walker Brothers were, briefly, England’s newest hit makers in the ‘60s, arousing A Hard Day’s Night mania across the British Isles. But they weren’t brothers, none was born with the name Walker and, despite their convincing Englishness, they .. more

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Carte Blanche’s late night show ended up being a bit later than expected, so I had a chance to talk to Carte Blanche Studios’ Jimmy Dragolovich. Dragolovich told me that the recent production of Cabaret had been such a hit that they were extending.. more


Prophetic didn't actually expect to hear back from Pharrell Williams after he ran into him The Leak ,Music Feature more

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The potato is probably the most versatile edible known to man, yet time after time, I find this humble tuber has been abused by kitchens all over. Why it is so difficult to put out a well executed breakfast pota,Just Cook It more


Brookfield’sHaute Taco (18905 W. Capital Drive) has been open for nearly a year. Asyou would expect, the specialty is gourmet tacos. The carne asada tacosare made with a quality of beef rarely foun,Dining Out more

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On Jan. 31 through the first hour of Feb. 1, Woodland Pattern Book Center (720 E. Locust S The Graphic Poem ,Books more

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Kanye West cemented his star-making reputation when he produced Common’s 2005 hit Be Be ,Today in Milwaukee more

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This Week in Milwaukee ,None more

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   Our conversation is painful, marked by enough long pauses to fill an entire s explode ,Music Feature more

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Although their days of being guaranteed hitmakers may be behind them, the Neptunes production team has had a surprisingly long run. A decade after their beats cracked the charts, they continue to work with just about every big-name rapper and pop .. more

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It's last call for the David Barnett Gallery's Original Vintage Posters exhibit, which con The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,Today in Milwaukee more

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