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I hate country music, but you guys rock.That, says Donn Trampe, is 'our greatest and most recurrent compliment from first timers' given to the Milwaukee band for which he plays bass Read more

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Milwaukee "American Idol" contestant Naima Adedapo survived another round of the singing contest last night, avoiding the bottom three with an unusual reworking of Rihanna's "Umbrella" that delivered some welcome energy in a snoozy, ballad-heavy e.. Read more

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Milwaukee "American Idol" contestant Naima Adedapo was eliminated from the program as part of a double-elimination on last night's program. The writing had been on the wall for weeks: The judges seemed to have cooled on Adedapo since picking her t.. Read more

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In a scene that hinted she may not be very popular with the folks in the show’s editing room, Jennifer Lopez marveled over the view of “the ocean” on last night’s Milwaukee audition episode of “American Idol,” and indeed, the Milwaukee Art Museum’.. Read more

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There’s nothing like a serial killerto stir a little community excitement. And as l Pretty Woman ,Taking Liberties Read more

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Given the current state of the economy, it may be difficult to spring for airplane ticket Read more

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The opening scene, when Robert Downey Jr. hurls from his bike onto the unyielding asphalt The Soloist ,Film Read more

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