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Based on the BBC series “Criminal Justice,” “The Night Of” was created by Steve Zaillian, the screenwriter for Schindler’s List, and Richard Price, the man behind “The Wire.” Zaillian directs, telling the story with an efficiency a... Read more

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Eagle Trace are the first to admit their band lineup isn’t the most conventional. The group is made up of four brothers, Mitch, Max, Cass and Jackson Borgardt, and one unrelated guitarist, Broderick Coning. As Jackson explains, being in a ... Read more

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Last year alone, fallen opera singer turned goth-pop icon Nika Roza Danilova released as Zola Jesus an EP, a split LP and two full lengths, in addition to an album with Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart and songwriter Freddy Ruppert as Former Ghosts. This y.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Bucks face off against the Denver Nuggets this afternoon at a 4 p.m. Bradley Center game.,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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I don’t know if a dead actor ever earned an Oscar nomination before, but Heath Ledger scored respect from the Academy early this morning when the Oscar roster was announced. Ledger is up for Best Supporting Actor for his unforgettable role as the.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

In this, the penultimate part in the interview with Matt Kemple, the local theatre professional talks about his move to Milwaukee, quitting his day job after three days and some of the groups he’s been involved with. Much like the local music scen.. Read more


Here’s hoping you’ve worked up an appetite, because it’s cream-puff eati Hi Infidelity ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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(To find more cool stuff to do this week, go to the Events Calendar at www.expressmilwauke ,None Read more

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About a year ago, on one of those television panel shows where weall pretend to know everything, I was railing about theshortsightedness of the U.S. auto industry in cranking out huge SUVsthat could be seen from space at a time of rising gas pric... Read more

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Fortunately for myself and my ne`er-do-wells, the book Seven Winning Strategies and the Ul God Grew Tired of Us ,Off the Cuff Read more

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"Hiatus" is a well-known code for "pretty much broken up," and Electrelane, sadly, are on hiatus. It'd be hypocritical for any rock writer to cry too loudly about the disbanding, since Elecrelane never received much love from the press, which almo.. Read more

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