Nineteen Thirteen

Linneman’s Riverwest Inn hosts Howard Levy and a Bob Dylan show for the Alzheimer’s Association, while the first Canni Fest is starting. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

On their exploratory new EP, the Milwaukee cello/drums duo enjoys the freedom that the studio allows them to experiment. Read more

Music Feature

Part of the thrill of any new Nineteen Thirteen releaseis hearing how the duo pushes the limits of their two-man drums/cello lineup. Thereare no perimeters on their sound. With each new release—and there have been alot of them lately—the band i.. Read more

On Music

David Luhrssen reviews The Dream, the new EP by Milwaukee's Nineteen Thirteen. Read more

Album Reviews

It’s official: The outdoor music season is upon us, with numerous music-infused events taking place around Milwaukee this month. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee


Photo by Doug Seymour

Nineteen Thirteen’s new album, Music for Time Travel, finds the duo blending modern techniques with classic inspiration. Read more

Local Music


Photo By Sydonia Lucchesi

Cooperative Performance Milwaukee, in collaboration with Danceworks, took a hauntingly dreamy approach in turning Danceworks’ Studio A into a mid-1800s mental hospital for Kelly Coffey’s a woman’s Place. The show includes aerial work and ru... Read more


Boris and Doris attended a number of events in Milwaukee, including performances of the Milwaukee Ballet’s Cinderella and The Book of Mormon, as well as the launch of the Shepherd Express’ new website design. Read more

Happening Now

Of all the great songwriters of the last half century, Patti Smith is one of the most unknowable. That’s not because Smith is particularly private or her work is evasive or Read more

Music Feature

1913 was the year of calm before the storm—the year before European civilization shattered on the battlefields of World War I. In that year an artisan in a far corner of Europe—Romania—crafted a handsome cello. The instrument survived both ... Read more

Local Music

The superheroes are among us. Some patrol the dark streets of our town by night, others deliver toys to needy children by day. Real-life caped crusaders come in many costumes and with many agendas. The phenomenon is the subject of Heroes in... Read more


From their snappy look and Romany-inspired name, one might assume Cream City Gypsys to be Milwaukee's latest exponents of the jazz genre Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli popularized so many decades ago. That's not Read more

Album Reviews

Showcasing his off-kilter interpretation of Chicago house and juke music, 19-year-old Milwaukee producer Andy Petr this week released his debut EP for the Brooklyn electronic label Mixpak records, where he joins a roster including Lil Scrappy, Dr.. Read more

On Music

A chain of restaurants known as El Pollo Loco, specializing in chicken with a Mexican twist, is a common sight in Southern California. Locally, the Fiesta Garibaldi restaurant group operates two restaurants in a similar vein: the Chicken Pa... Read more

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