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Pharrell Williams' vanity project N.E.R.D. is at its worst when it overreaches, and on its last two albums, it overreached pretty badly. For those listeners willing to grant the group a third strike, though, the group's new Nothing is a modest ple.. Read more

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Nina Sky - The Other Side (stream or download) The identical twin dance-pop duo Nina Sky scored a briefly inescapable hit with 2004's "Move Ya Body," a post-Neptunes re-imagining of Caribbean club music, but their attempts to release new music h.. Read more

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The potato is probably the most versatile edible known to man, yet time after time, I find this humble tuber has been abused by kitchens all over. Why it is so difficult to put out a well executed breakfast pota,Just Cook It Read more


DanceCircus’ latest program, “Mud, Sweat and Tears: Voices from the Field,” pays homage to the planet not only through the movement of dance but also through poetry, live Brazilian music, capoeira and, in one piece, Aldo Leopold’s Read more

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