Minneapolis rap powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment has built an impressive stable of artists since launching in 1995, but at the same time, the label’s success Read more

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Punk-rapper P.O.S. has canceled his fall tour dates, including his planned Nov. 1 date at the Turner Hall Ballroom, on doctor's orders. In a YouTube video posted today, an apologetic (but high-spirited) P.O.S. explains that his kidneys are failing.. Read more

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It seems almost quaint to think there was a time not that long ago where most Americans thought about rap and hip-hop in terms of an East Coast/West Coast binary. To be sure, even then it wasn't representative of the whole picture, but in t... Read more

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"When I see all of you here, I don't know what to say, " began Tom Uttech at his gallery opening on Saturday afternoon, February 12.  "I hope I make it worth your time today." Tory Folliard brought back Uttech for his 8th solo show at her gal.. Read more

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PJ Harvey’s seventh album, Let England Shake, is her grand statement about war and its psychological toll on her homeland. For a grand statement, though, it’s mighty ambiguous. In a girlish, incongruously chipper voice, Harvey sings about the horr.. Read more

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I've got an interview in this week's Shepherd with rapper John Forté, the one-time Fugees cohort who was sentence to a brutal 14-year term in federal prison, then rescued seven years in by a rare (and still never fully explained) commutation by Pr.. Read more

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Sometimes the venue makes all the difference. When Cursive toured through Milwaukee in 200 13 Songs ,Concert Reviews Read more

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After beginnings playing fairly traditional, albeit unusually cerebral hard-edged emo in the ’90s, Omaha’s Cursive began moving in more ambitious directions, recording elaborate song-cycles like 2003’s Ugly Organ, and 2006’s,Today Read more

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Acoustic country/bluegrass guitarist Doyle Dykes at first paid his dues in the most traditional way possible, backing an established star—“Hee Haw”’s Grandpa Jones, of all people&mda,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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October 25, 2007 TheNew Pornographers are the quintessential mix-tape band. Their for ,Concert Reviews Read more

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