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Anyone who has ever spent time around a campfire in the woods while growing up remembers that eerie time in the dark of the night when someone quietly begins telling a really scary story Read more

Taking Liberties

The epic partisan battle for the Wisconsin Legislature is now coming down to an 834-vote difference in the 72,000 votes cast in the 21st Senate District in Racine County. Although a canvass confirmed... Read more

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Nearly 1 million Wisconsin citizens actively seeking to restore democracy in the state still have several months... Read more

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Distracted by the budget negotiations? Don't be. State Republicans are working hard to introduce bills while they're still in the majority. One bill being drafted at the moment—.. Read more

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Greg Anderson and Elizabeth Joy Roe first met each other as freshmen at Juilliard, both ev Reimagine ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

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