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The latest film by British director Sally Potter, The Party, spares no one’s feelings or ideas as a friendly get-together dissolves into angry recrimination. Read more

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With Last Weekend , directors Tom Dolby and TomWilliams made a film suggesting Woody Allen in a wistful, Chekovian mood—butset amongst the affluent denizens of northern California, not Manhattan. LastWeekend is a bittersweet comedy of upper cla.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Timothy Hutton stars as Nathan Ford, leading a small band of vigilantes. Each episode opens with an innocent person being victimized by a greedy individual. The wronged party persuades Nathan and his team to take their case. Nathan identifi... Read more

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Though this tour bills the band as Yes—often in screaming capital letters—the fine print tells you that the performers are technically “Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White of Yes.&rdqu,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The death of a child is a devastating turn for parents and can sometimes devastate their marriage. Blind Date imagines the estranged parents of a five-year old (who died in a car accident for which they feel responsible) working through their pro.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood