Patrick Mcgoohan

One of the most acclaimed TV series of the1960s, “The Prisoner,” has an unusual backstory. That memorable opening scene,where an angry spy (Patrick McGoohan) resigns from his agency before beingkidnapped and confined to a resort-prison, refe.. more

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Patrick McGoohan’s famous starring role in “The Prisoner” was predicated on his background as the spy who eventually tired of all the duplicity. The creators of “The Prisoner” almost certainly referenced McGoohan’s previous stint in a British te.. more

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A modern-day vaudevillian variety and circus gang with a party mentality, Milwaukee’s Dead Man’s Carnival packs plenty of lurid, sensational thrills into their performances. Past performances have offered stripteases, vaudevillian song more

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The word "funk" was already in circulation by 1968, when Sly & the Family Stone released "Dance to the Music." But with the sassy, bass-heavy track, funk as we know it today was b,Books more

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The Village where “The Prisoner” is set looks like a nice place to live. Most of the residents walk or get about on bicycles or golf carts along winding, narrow streets. The gardens are immaculately kept and the architecture is charming, even qui.. more

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