Patriot Act

Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner is one of a tiny minority of Republicans these days who still appears to believe in democracy, fair elections and the right of every eligible citizen to vote regardless of race, religion or likelihood of voting... Read more

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Progressive Wisconsinites cheered when Russ Feingold announced in May that he was running for U.S. Senate against Ron Johnson, the Republican who defeated him in the 2010 tea party wave election. Read more

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Nearly a dozen years after the passage of the Patriot Act—rushed through Congress in an atmosphere of fear and intimidation—informed debate over the balance between Read more

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   The deployment of smear tactics and sex-centered propaganda in the run-up to Immigrant Rights in the Shadows of Citizenship ,Books Read more


   When Richard Sennett published his provocative thesis on the diminishing boun Opto-Isolator ,Art Read more

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