Patsy Cline


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Country music legend Patsy Cline is honored in wonderfully inventive production by the Milwaukee Rep. more


If you’ve been around the local scene long enough, the names in “The Art of Music in Milwaukee” at the Walkers’ Point Center for the Arts are familiar. Even if not, it more

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Ted Swindley's Always…Patsy Cline demands a tremendous amount from its lead actress, who is asked to deliver the humble glamour of the legendary recording artist with little to no way of formal introduction. We are introduced to her in a pe... more


 When I walked out of the Milwaukee Rep’s Always…Patsy Cline I was more than a little disappointed. By the time I’d left the Jay and Patty Baker Theatre complex, I’d had the show pretty much in perspective. Yes: to be fair, Kelly Faulkner is cha.. more


Country music legend Patsy Cline developed new range and depth for female vocals in one of the nation's most popular music genres. Her interesting life story, about a woman who achieved great critical and commercial success in the mid-20th ... more


The latter may not be born of the same grief thatinspired Bon Iver’s breakout, For For Emma,Forever Ago ,CD Reviews more

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