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Spanning the weekend of Sept. 9-10, the Wilde Subaru FrankMots International Kite Festival celebrates the centuries-old tradition ofkiting.  The event runs from 10 a.m.-5p.m. both days, and features a number of kite-related attractions inc.. more

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Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2014 Oscars, Ernest & Celestine is a Franco-Belgian production featuring an international cast including Forest Whitaker, Paul Giamatti and the late Lauren Bacall. more

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Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2014 Oscars, Ernest & Celestine is drawn in spare lines, pale colors and luminous shadows. It’s a children’s story about the enmity between mice and bears, and how one daring child mouse steps acro... more

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Looking forward to his high school graduation, Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) hungers to spend more time with girlfriend Gwen (Emma Stone), but worries he won’t be able to protect her from the powerful villains looking to rid Manhattan of P... more

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The nightmare of 12 Years a Slave begins when Solomon Northrup awakens on the hard floor of a cell, his wrists and ankles chained. Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was a free black in pre-Civil War Saratoga Springs, N.Y., an educated man with a w... more

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Paul Giamatti won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a comedy for his lead role in Barney’s Version, but the film is a lemony comedy, more bitter than sweet—at least until the climax. It’s the story of Barney Panofsky (Giamatti), a succe more

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Eisenheim the Illusionist (Edward Norton) hardens his face into a mask of intense concentration, holding his audience spellbound in the gas lit darkness of a fin de siecle Vienna theater. The camera glides forward to reveal that the hall is ringe.. more

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David Straithairn doesn’t look like the devil, but the suave physician he plays in Cold Souls (out now on DVD) trades in human souls for money. Oh, of course, he does so in the name of happiness. He even evokes the old buzzword of progress. But .. more

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The St. Andrew’s Society gathered at the Wisconsin Club for its 151st annual Robert Burns Anniversary Banquet to honor the Scottish bard. more

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For a little background, the Sweet Partner in Crime and I hunker down each New Year's Eve, Aperitif ,The Naked Vine more

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Looking sad eyed and put upon by fools, Paul Giamatti breaths life into one of the more shadowy founders of the American republic in the popular imagination. After all, John Adams was never pictured on a dollar bill or a coin and is probably conf.. more

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