For many teams, needing to use 21 pitchers to get through 17 games would be a recipe for disaster, but the Brewers have found strength in it. Read more

Brewers On Deck Circle


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Due to injuries, only Supak, Diplan, Houser, Petricka and Wilkerson are left healthy. Read more

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It’s been a long time since Matt Garza has had to compete for a job, and maybe that explains why it doesn’t look like he’s competing this spring. Read more

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"I can't believe howextreme this is!" Be it ironic or an outburst of genuineenthusiasm over the choreographed faux brutality on display Friday as the ExtremeMidget Wrestling Federation took over the Turner Hall Ballroom for afew bouts of fau.. Read more

Happening Now

Hot off the presses - or the Twitters - Bill Hall apparently just saw Livan Hernandez in the Chicago airport and says he talked to him and Hernandez said he was on his way to join the Brewers.Hernandez is curretnly a free agent - he had been on a.. Read more

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Winter, schminter. For fans of the Milwaukee Brewers, spring has sprung. The magic words: "Pitchers and catchers report Saturday" to training camp in Arizona. Accordingly, the Observers take a few practice swings. Read more

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On Friday, Oct. 23, from 6 to 8 p.m., Next Chapterwill be the site of a party complete wi The GraveyardBook ,Books Read more


I`m Art Kumbalek and here's the�story. The Shepherd wants a weekly sports column, since sports apparently seems to be a popular topic of conversation these days amongst a certain clique. And somehow I got tabbed to helm the launching of this craf... Read more

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The epitome of a “YouTube sensation,” guitarist Andy McKee has seen his video The Gates of Gnomeria ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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