Milwaukee Brewers fans, rewarded with only four playoff years since the team arrived in 1970, know all about disappointment. But the latest two doses have been especially bitter. Last year the Brewers led their division for five months but ... Read more

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So many topics and only so much space. The Observers gab so well that they often find themselves with a backlog of blather. So Frank's latest trip Back East provided an opportunity to work off some surplus comments from recent weeks... Read more

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Call the Observers what you will—traitors to the American way, apostates to the great creed of sports fandom—but the NFL's annual pageant for restocking its rosters... Read more

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 While it may not have been extended through the end of August the way Carte Blanche’s production of Chicago has been . . . the ever-popular Milwaukee production of Shear Madness has been extended for four extra performances through June 13th. T.. Read more


  So this is what a baseball playoff atmosphere feels like in Milwaukee.   I was around for the last one, but at that time I was,Sports Read more

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