State auditors provided a rare independent, detailed look at the operations and oversight of the county’s behavioral health services and raised critical issues. Read more

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Here’s where the reckless, extreme right-wing radicalism of House Speaker Paul Ryan kicks in. Read more

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Parks need to be protected from destruction now more than ever from two ugly forces in modern-day politics. Read more

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MPS teacher Julie Meyer is challenging longtime incumbent Rep. Christine Sinicki in the Democratic primary for Assembly District 20 on Aug. 9. Read more

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The Milwaukee County Mental Health Board had intended to decide this summer on outsourcing the county’s psychiatric hospital this summer. But that decision’s been delayed—and that’s a good thing, according to the board’s chair, Duncan Shrou... Read more

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“You live in a high rise and you are out in Mequon,” Michelle Mackey said to Chris Abele and Demond Means at a MICAH-sponsored forum on the MPS takeover plan. “I am down here in the trenches for 22 years. Why are you attacking the childr... Read more

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The Shepherd apologizes for endorsing Chris Abele in his previous campaigns for Milwaukee County executive. Based on his record in office, we can no longer support his Scott Walker-like agenda. Read more

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This is a guest commentary by Patrick Small.A cornerstone of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’sagenda, unmentioned in his carpet-bombing campaign ads, is his zeal forprivatization. In January 2011, Abele told PolitiFactWisconsin that he i.. Read more

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It was standing room only at the Mitchell Park Domes’ greenhouse annex last Wednesday as Milwaukee County residents offered their concerns about the temporarily shuttered local landmark. But there was one obvious no-show who should have bee... Read more

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The last thing we should ever consider repealing are public protections for safe, clean, affordable drinking water at a time when we see it threatened around the country by negligent politicians and private profiteering. Read more

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A stunning 43 Milwaukee County parks—including county jewels such as Lake Park, Estabrook Park and Whitnall Park—could be sold off with just the signature of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and one other individual, thanks to a last-... Read more

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Flint’s water crisis is a direct result of seeing a public necessity—clean drinking water—as just another line item in a budget, a municipal function that small-government Republicans love to eliminate because they believe private corporati... Read more

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Milwaukee County’s effort to privatize its mental health hospital via a no-bid contract has run into opposition from its appointed Mental Health Board, which governs the county’s behavioral health and substance abuse programs. Read more

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Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has until mid-November to appoint a commissioner for the Opportunity Schools Partnership Program (OSPP) and begin taking over public schools to privatize them, but new data released by state Superinte... Read more

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It’s back to the drawing board for those who want to privatize Milwaukee County’s mental health hospital. Read more

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A year after the Milwaukee County Mental Health Board’s creation, members of the public—including the consumers of the county’s mental health and substance abuse programs, along with their advocates—are having difficulty connecting to the b... Read more

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The hospital serving some of Milwaukee County’s neediest psychiatric patients could be run by a for-profit, out-of-state health care company. Read more

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Last week, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele won the ability to sell off county-owned property without a public hearing or a vote by the county board. Read more

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Members of the new Milwaukee County Mental Health Board seemed a bit confused at their June 25 meeting about their plan to privatize acute care for those with mental health issues. Read more

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With little warning and short, sharp debate, the 12 Republican members of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee (JFC) easily prevailed over their four Democratic colleagues in passing sweeping changes to K-12 public education, includin... Read more

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