The heat didn’t silence angered citizens Saturday afternoon, as hundreds gathered in downtown Milwaukee to protest actions taken by President Trump’s administration regarding families detained at the U.S./Mexico border. more

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Thousands of demonstrators marched throughout Waukesha for over an hour Tuesday morning to protest the Waukesha County Sheriff's Office’s final approval to enact certain immigration laws. more

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Local leaders and concerned citizens gathered at The Milwaukee County Courthouse on “Tax Day” Tuesday night to protest the tax bill that President Trump signed into law last year. more

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The personal and the political intersect on New Boyz Club’s rousing debut EP. more

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With the nation-wide outrage and local unrest following countless instances of violence, police brutality, and corruption, Milwaukee artists, with the help of Jeff Redmon, Live Artists Studio and CultureJam MKE, hosted a one-night-only exhibitio.. more

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Conquest & Cover-up is about the inherent conflict in establishing one’s own beliefs “for the greater good” yet simultaneously keeping much of the operation secret, censoring certain less-desirable information, and silencing outspoken critics.. more

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That should be an easy question to answer. Right? The executiveresidence in Maple Bluff, in suburban Madison. Or maybe not. He’s got a homein Wauwatosa, which he bought when he was Milwaukee County executive. Aquick check of his voting re.. more

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Murder Mystery Company is a rather large operation. The national company hosts murder mystery party puzzlers at locations all over the country. Locally the company has a regular gig at The Horny Goat Hideaway. There are a number of shows planned .. more


“Scott Walker and his police force are showing increasing hostility toward almost every aspect of the First Amendment,” The Progressive’s editor Matthew Rothschild said last week. more

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Printmaking has often been used to illustrate protest, whether for social, political or environmental issues. The UW-Milwaukee Union Art Gallery showcases this history in the exhibition “Uprisings: Images of Labor,” featuring more

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The Republicans in power in Madison have shown once again that they believe the state Capitol belongs to them, and not We the People... more

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With hopes of becoming an annual tradition, the inaugural Eastside Jazzfest rounds up seven acts from very different corners of the Milwaukee-area jazz scene: progressive-jazz multi-instrumentalist Isaiah Joshua; the Latin-funk combo more

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Many restaurants use the term “bistro” lightly, often forgetting that the origin of the word is French. But the Pastiche Bistro, which opened a few months ago under the helm of chef/owner Michael Engel, understands the proper meaning.This s... more

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When you really think about it, most of your favorite bands can probably be traced back to the members’ middle- or high-school days. There, in some finished basement or cul-de-sac garage, the pimpled rockers of tomorrow struggled through ba... more

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The Milwaukee Public Museum’sexhibition “Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible: Anci DaVinci Code ,A&E Feature more

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