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Public Enemy played old hits, teased new material and introduced Flavor Flav as "the Black Dave Grohl" at Thursday's lively performance. Read more

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Summerfest is in full swing, but those steering clear of the Big Gig have plenty of options this weekend, too. Read more

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What often gets overlooked is the fact that it’s a musical about humanity’s last moments on earth. Little Shop of Horrors ends with the alien plants taking over. It’s kind of easy to overlook in the fun campiness of the show, but there it is: tota.. Read more


Nobody feels the effects of extremeweather such as drought, flooding and above-normal temperatures quite likeWisconsin farmers. Though accustomed to skillfully adapting and findingsolutions when the unpredictable occurs, climate change poses a .. Read more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners.Mike Schauwitzer along with his brother Eric have been performing under,Music Feature Read more

Music Feature

Twenty years ago, the militantly political rap band Public Enemy would have been a controversial booking for a music festival like Summerfest, but the group has softened its image over the years. Leader Chuck D has embraced his role as a Read more

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Though Michael Angelakos began Passion Pit as a solo project, writing songs for his girlfriend in his dorm room at Boston’s Emerson College, a lineup of Berklee College of Music students formed around him, and within a year the enthused syn... Read more

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Milwaukee spaz-rapper Juiceboxxx may have seemed an odd choice to open for proudly political, staunchly Afrocentric rap icons Public Enemy during their Canadian tour last month, but judging from a video diary Juiceboxxx posted to YouTube yesterday.. Read more

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Granted, Public Enemy's audience has changed a great deal since the days when the band sent chills down the spine of white America, but this still seems like a bold pairing: Hip-hop's Afro-centric elder-statesmen will be bringing along Milwaukee'.. Read more

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The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra helps its audience get through the long, testing run-up to spring with a bill that is full of levity. “Modern Dance” features uplifting selections from two maste,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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As its title suggests, John Patrick Shanley’s 2008 drama Doubt is filled with ambigu Doubt ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The title of tonight’s 10 p.m. bill at the Stonefly Brewery, “A Tribute To Ins Maps for Children ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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