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Question: How will Obamacare help promote competition in health care?Answer: Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, helps make a number of paradigm shifts in the Read more

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Fighting Bob Fest speaker Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the only independent member of the U.S. Senate, wonders: what’s so scary about government-run health care? Folks on Medicare and Medicaid, the military and veterans, kids from low-income fa.. Read more

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Try to wrap your brain around the latest op-ed from Patrick McIlheran supporting the notion that Obama wants to kill granny via his death panels. It’s a favorite topic of McIlheran’s. There’s no evidence that death panels are include.. Read more

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Since 1977, the Milwaukee Ballet has performed a full-length version of The Nutcracker, a The Nutcracker ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The distance between wealth and poverty is only the most obvious chasm measured in The Poo The Pool ,Film Read more

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Want to be able to say "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Art Kumbalek?" Well then you need to make plans to meet the candidate for an,Promotions Read more


For decades, Milwaukee multi-instrumentalist Sigmund Snopek has been one of the hardest working musicians in the local music scene, tackling everything from jazz to experimental prog-rock. He’s even a,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The Milwaukee Noise Fest wraps up its ear-melting three-day run at the Borg Ward tonight, with one final packed bill of experimental music, and also one of the festival’s biggest highlights: a reunion,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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