Real Time

Andrea and Daniel Burkholder, creators and curators of theongoing, first Friday performance series, Real Time , are bringing their performanceto the Holton Bridge Swing Park on September 2 at 8 p.m.Real Time: Swing Park will engage the .. Read more

Happening Now

Andrea and Daniel Burkholders’ ever-changing monthly dance series, Real Time, takes them to the Alfons Gallery in the St. Joseph Center on Friday, July 1. Read more


Andrea and Daniel Burkholder’s Real Time movement performance on Friday, June 3 at 8:30 p.m. at Danceworks will feature the cast of Daniel’s recent outdoor hike/performance, Scenic Route MKE. Read more


Andrea Chastant Burkholder’s original solo, Bayou’s State, explores the rising water levels and deteriorating coastal conditions of her native Louisiana. She’ll begin the Milwaukee premiere by serving the audience a traditional Southern Lou... Read more


Dance artists Andrea and Daniel Burkholder will add another chapter to their yearlong monthly series of aerial arts, dance, music, improvisation and conversation at the Danceworks Studio. Read more


Comedy star Amy Schumer kicks off an arena tour in Milwaukee, while jazz legend Tony Bennett serenades the Riverside Theater. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

The last 2015 installment of Andrea and Daniel Burkholder’s Danceworks First Friday Performance Series Real Time features Ko-Thi Dance Company directors Ferne Caulker Bronson and Tarence Spencer. It takes place at Danceworks Studio Theatre ... Read more



Photo by Enoch Chan

Andrea Chastant Burkholder and Daniel Burkholder present the next episode of their unique dance experience Real Time on Friday, Sept. 4. Read more


Aerial dancer Andrea Chastant Burkholder and her husband Daniel Burkholder have instituted a new and unusual performance series, Real Time, to be offered on a pay-what-you-will basis on the first Friday of every month through the end of 201... Read more


Hawthorne Heights has far more reason to feel angst about their relationships than any of their emo brethren. The Dayton, Ohio-based quintet is at the center of a nasty, litigious split from the notorious label Victory Records that is Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Atomic Records closes shop for good Sunday, so if you've been putting off that last visit, you're running out of time. Everything in the store is 30% off today, 40% off tomorrow and 50% off Sunday; hours are noon to six. The store was well stocke.. Read more

On Music

Controversial political comedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while h Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

   Controversialcomedian Bill Maher, whose digs can strike the funny bone while Borat ,A&E Feature Read more

A&E Feature