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One great thing about making large-scale artwork is that you rarely have trouble standing out while filling a space. One not-so-great thing about making large-scale artwork is that you need a large-scale vehicle to move it when that show inevitabl.. Read more

Visual Arts

Cissy Peltz, long time owner of Peltz Gallery, opens her doors on January's Gallery Night and Day to the exhibition “Visions, Voices, Viewpoints and Victories of African American Artists.” The exhibit's guest curator, Milwaukee's own Della Well.. Read more

Visual Arts

When in the mood for veal, one restaurant always comes to mind: Caterina’s Ristorante (9104 W. Oklahoma Ave.). Entrees include chicken, steak, lamb, pork and seafood, but the prime attraction remains the veal, which is offered in six differ... Read more

Dining Preview

Amy Ray and Emily Saliers have come a long way since their 1987 debut Strange Fire broke into the world of mainstream pop with its hit “Closer to Fine.” The Indigo Girls girls have remained one of the most-popular folk-rock duos over the la... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

  Ona typical Gallery Night & Day, it’s the artwork inside the frame that Calling ,Art Read more

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