Richard Iii


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There's a simple synth score playing before Voices Found Repertory's staging of Shakespeare's Richard III . Clean, primal tones evoke a feeling of intensity in a cozy space. It's a fitting intro for an intimate, little staging of high drama that.. Read more


The space now known as Theatre Unchained is a remarkably cozy space for Shakespeare. It’s also one of the more comfortable theatrical snuggeries in greater Milwaukee. It doesn’t compromise comfort for intimacy in the way some spaces have been know.. Read more



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My kingdom for a horse. (Or maybe just a decent IPA.) Boozy Bard Productions returns to the stage early next month as it presents Shakespeare’s tale of the ambitious Richard III. The drama features a group of people performing who have not rehears.. Read more


Is there any literary character more malevolent than Shakespeare's Richard III? Deformed of body, malignant of mind, Richard murders his way to the throne of England. The “poisonous bunch-backed toad” is eventually undone, but not before Read more


Billed as “tragical, comical, historical,” David Davalos' Wittenberg is an intellectual comedy with an edge to it. This month Windfall Theatre presents an intimate staging of the play, which is set on a university campus in the early 16th Read more


When light hits photosensitive paper through a lens, a moment is captured. Generations later, however, that moment is likely to be forgotten. Ultimately it's the stories behind a photo that connect an image to the present. Madison-based pla... Read more


The enduring legacy of John Cage may well be less in the music he wrote than in the artists he inspired. One of the collaborators in the final years of his life, Margaret Leng Tan, is at the center of Saturday’s concert by Milwaukee’s world... Read more

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Irish rockers The Answer enjoyed recent success in the United States with a retro, Led Zeppelin sound. Now, The Answer’s fellow countrymen in Glyder hope American listeners are craving more throwback rock. Glyder proudly worships at the alt... Read more

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In a 21st-century world dominated by high-tech convenience, a love letter today, if such a curiosity still exists, most likely would be delivered as a cursory Facebook message or soon-to-be deleted e-mail; however, in a time gone by, writte... Read more