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All photos courtesy Colleen Duvall

Revisitinga city from one's past can be both enlightening and nostalgic. Especially ifthat city happens to have recovered from a devastating hurricane some 10 yearsprior. I remember falling in love with the city of New Orleans when I visitedit.. Read more

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Dear EarthTalk: Summer is near and I am planning a big road trip. Do you have any tips for boosting my car’s fuel efficiency on long, hot drives?-Esther McCoy, Burlington, VTAh,the summer road trip, that classic American experience. But long d.. Read more

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A gorgeous Sunday offered the next-to-last chance to enjoy daytime baseball at Miller Park this year. But a couple of hours later, a rather significant NFL game would beckon from TV screens. It was a time to declare priorities, and the Obse... Read more

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It’s been two decades since Stevie Ray Vaughan, a swaggering blues revivalist with a thick and recognizable style, played his final concert at Alpine Valley on Aug. 26, 1990. He then jumped into a helicopter that crashed minutes after takeo... Read more

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