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In Spider-Man: Homecoming, director Jon Watts doesn’t recreate Sam Raimi’s stylish noir, but he does deliver an anxious, likeable, young superhero we root for, along with a villain we hope the lad will defeat. more

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Captain America: Civil War can be read as a rumination on the classic ethical question of what to do with evildoers. Can you carefully calibrate your response in thwarting them or do you risk becoming as they are, careless of the cost in de... more

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The Avengers regroup to save the world from Ultron, a destructive artificial intelligence. more

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1969 is a coming-of-age (under the threat of being drafted into the Vietnam War) flick resting on the shoulders of a good cast, including Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Dern and Winona Ryder. more

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The opening scene, when Robert Downey, Jr. hurls from his bike onto the unyielding asphalt in an accident giving rise to stitches and a swollen-shut eye, is a clue: The Soloist will be harder edged than most Hollywood social problem pictures abou.. more

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Based on a true story, the Soloist stars Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., the movie will premiere in Milwaukee's Jazz Estate on Friday, April 17. The movie is about a Los Angeles Journalist (Robert Downey Jr.), who befriends a schizophreni... more

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Besotted by the cinema of silence and early talking pictures, Guy Maddin also finds humor My Winnipeg ,Film more

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John Lennon picked up a pencil long before his mother Julia bought him his first guitar as a teenager. His talent consistently evolved, leading him to art school and a working practice as a visual artist af,Today in Milwaukee more

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Like 95% of the blogosphere, I was crushed when longtime Iron Man enthusiast Ghostface Killah was robbed of his cameo in the Iron Man movie—actually, I was crushed that Ghostface wasn't cast as Iron Man, but that's another story. Now that his d.. more

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Ifyou’re anything like me, you know of IronMan from the Black Sabbath song, not IronMan ,Film more

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Franz Kafka’s most famous novel is now a stage play starring puppets, marionettes a The Ballad of Josef K. ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The 1998 film Two Girls and a Guy (out now on Blu-ray) is almost an updated screwball comedy—if the genre could exist in an era without nuance or suggestion, verbally and sexually explicit, when anything can be said or shown. The plot kicker is.. more

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