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The boundaries of film noirremain contentious, especially when considering what to include in the canonand what to omit. Likewise, the end date for the genre’s “classic era.” Despitethe evidence of great noirs from the 19.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood


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Oneof the pleasures of Kiss the Blood Off My Hands: On Classic Film Noir (published by University of Minnesota Press) is Philippa Gates’ essay, “TheFemale Detective in Film Noir.” The Canadian film studies professor sets out torevise assump.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

It takes a certain kind of person to want to fish in the desolation of an iced-over lake in northern Wisconsin in the middle of winter. And it takes a certain kind of theater company to leap at the opportunity to stage a musical about ice f... Read more


The third annual Midwest Metalfest docks at the Rave for three nights of crushingly heavy riffs and from-the-grave imagery. Among the army of noisemakers playing this weekend are Common Grave, Face of Ruin, Call the Paramedics, Putrid Read more

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