Robert Osborne

Jason Alexander has a very clearunderstanding of George Costanza, the character he played on the hit televisionshow Seinfeld . "I always said thatGeorge thought that he was absolutely worthless, and he wondered by the worlddidn’t value hi.. Read more

Happening Now

 Hollywood’sinfamous casting couch wasn’t just for actresses. Some actors advanced along thesame route via the industry’s influential, closeted gays. Long timeentertainment journalist Robert Hofler, in his tell-all The Man Who Inve.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Turner Classic Movies, Robert Osborne Read more

Film Reviews

In February, the trade group Mortgage Bankers Association—which has been critical of homeowners struggling to make payments on bad real-estate investments—announced the sale of its Washington, D.C., headquarters for $41 million. The associa... Read more

News of the Weird

Barbara Stanwyck was a scrappy young thing in 1930s Hollywood and a femme fatale in the ‘40s. But by 1960, she was a grand old dame of movies, already over 50 and finding few good roles (a problem for actresses even today). She turned to televis.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood