By what mercurial process did Alfred Hitchcock, the acknowledged master of suspense, gradually morph into one of the most-revered cinematic auteurs, beloved of critics and moviegoers alike and offering a constant source of inspiration as we... more

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Defined by its sordid sensuality and macabre hedonism, Off the Wall Theatre’s intimate rendition of Rope, by Patrick Hamilton, tells the story of two gay college students who decide to commit motiveless and passionless murder, just to see i... more


Physicalcomfort in summer theater can be a rather tricky thing to negotiate. I’drecently mentioned being physically uncomfortable at a show in a review. Thatshow was in a mosquito-infested barn. It was hot. It was uncomfortable. It was AnimalF.. more


Jennifer Le Blanc’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, winner of the Silicon Valley Small Theatre Association 2013 Standout New Works Award, is praised for preserving the author’s intellect and wit and Acacia Theatre Company will prese... more


Thesummer theater season is always an interesting mix of different elements. Nextmonth a murder drama skulks onto one of the most intimate stages in town as OffThe Wall Theatre presents Patrick Hamilton’s Rope.The1929 British drama is inspired.. more


It seems like a fairly easy question: Should the state and energy consumers invest in the technologies of the future or those of the past?But during a recession and amid doubts about following the lead of a lame-duck governor, the question ... more

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