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­It seems only fitting that I dedicate my annual Memorial Day Mix entirely to Baltimore club music, since Baltimore's house-derived strain of rap music has been on the cusp of national notoriety for months now. If you're not familiar with Baltimor.. Read more

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For all the fervor, Baltimore club music, a regional strain of house-infused rap music, has seen little light outside of its native Baltimore, but that looks to be changing this year. Genre pioneer DJ Blaqstarr's status is growing nationally, whil.. Read more

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Baltimore's native strain of rap, a fusion of house and dancehall conventions known as Baltimore club, is one of the most unique in the country, along with D.C. go-go a distinct alternative to the southern club music that's infiltrated much many o.. Read more

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At the risk of perpetuating a silly stereotype, we’ll caution that not all musicians from Australia play the didgeridoo, but Australian Xavier Rudd happens to. Then again, this roots rock musician pla,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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As HBO’s “Big Love” attests, the Mormon world is filled with dramatic in The 19th Wife ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  Desertland comprises a majority of Iraq’s168,000 square miles, so it would DesertQueen ,Theater Read more

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