Each yearfor more than a decade, an assortment of Milwaukee musicians have gathered atLinneman’s Riverwest Inn to pay homage to John Lennon at the annual “PeaceThrough Music” concert, a benefit for the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort andthe .. Read more

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There’s no more challenging dive than the one from a cult perch into the mainstream. Many artists take it only unwittingly, but a few that work hard enough long enough sometimes get to call their shot. Read more

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After a dozen years touring together, twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin’s stage banter has taken on the air of a Smothers Brothers routine, with each sister dryly playing the straight man during the other’s turn to talk. At their performance... Read more

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Chicha was an obscure genre from the backcountry of Peru, an unstable crossbreed of local traditions with the belated arrival of rock 'n' roll. Juaneco y su Combo was one of chicha's most popular bands, ,CD Reviews Read more

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