Santaland Diaries

They hadn’t exactly gone out of their way to pull much attention to it. Like actually telling anybody or anything. . . Sorry...taking Douglas Adams out of context there for comic exaggeration. And if they hadn’t told anybody I wouldn’t have kno.. more


It’s the offbeat story of one man, an elf costume and a late ’80s/ early ’90s holiday job in SantaLand at Macy’s in New York. They asked him why he wanted to be an elf. He told them it was the most ridiculous thing he could imagine. He wrote.. more


Tommy Avallone documents several men who play Santa in I Am Santa Claus. “The Bruce Lee Premiere Collection” includes The Big Boss (1971), Way of the Dragon (1972), Fist of Fury (1972) and Game of Death (1978). From the Vault: L.A. Forum... more

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Thefirst friday of next month, Theatre Gigante welcomes Michael Stebbins for David Sedaris’ Holidays onIce in Walker’s Point. The exact same time asthat show is opening,  TheatricalTendencies launches its staging of Sedaris’ The Santaland Diar.. more


I’d first heard David Sedaris’ voice on a twenty-year-old boom box in a college dormitory on the East Side. Halfway into my sophomore year in college, I was surfing through the stations when I heard the voice of Ira Glass—that guy who did Audio A.. more


Alverno College’s free world music festival Global Union returns to Bay View’s Humboldt Park this year with an eclectic two-day lineup. Today’s headliners are the gypsy brass band Mahala Rai Banda at 1 p.m., the bachata artist Joan Soria more

Today in Milwaukee

Blaming the contractor is an easy excuse for why a 13-ton concrete slab on the fa%uFFFDade of the O’Donnell Park parking structure fell in a fatal June accident. But are the improperly installed concrete slabs the only cause of that tragedy... more

Issue of the Week

Sipping for a Cause: Friends of Kyle’s Korner at the Reiman Center for Grieving Children, Teens and Their Families tasted prime vintages at their sixth annual wine tasting. Center namesakes Bobbi and Roy Reiman were among the guests at the ... more

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There’s a temptation for young bluegrass bands, especially those rooted in the jam-rock scene, to exaggerate the genre’s rural qualities, playing up the twang and speeding up the tempos until they’re left with an unflattering send-up of more

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