Sexual Orientation

Laura Anne Stuart addresses a question from a reader who has just learned that her husband is a crossdresser and wonders what this means about his identity, future actions and their relationship. more


This coming March, Theatrical Tendencies will be staging the Milwaukee premiere of a 2009 drama by John Marans. The play sounds fascinating . . . shedding light on a corner of history that hasn't garnered a whole lot of attention and adding to the.. more


Am I crazy? My girlfriend let me dress up a couple of months ago. Now I’m finding I like women’s clothes a lot and seem to be attracted to men. I just love the feeling of the whole deal. My girlfriend told her friend, who told everybody els... more


My husband has just released his deepest, darkest secret of being a crossdresser. He also posted a Craigslist ad. Is he cheating on me with men? Is he gay? Why would he advertise himself in lingerie online so the public can more

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The prolific erotica writer and editor Rachel Kramer Bussel recently kicked off her virtual book tour for Best Sex Writing 2013: The State of Today’s Sexual Culture. A virtual book tour is one where different columnists more


Much of the first year of President Bill Clinton’s administration got sidetracked as a result of Clinton trying to live up to his campaign promise to end discrimination against gays in the military.It said something about how deep-rooted bi... more

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