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Memories Dinner Theater cooks up A Crock of Schnitzel, Boozy Bard sticks it to Julius Caesar, and we wish “Bon Voyage!" to the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra as it departs for Argentina and Uruguay—but not before the MYSO performs tw... Read more

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Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale is a bit of a mess. Three acts of intense drama open for two acts of comedy with a happy ending. It’s as though a couple of different plays half-finished plays got sutured together by some producer who had not.. Read more


They’re referring to it as a “wacky beach romp.” Next month, Boozy Bard presents a Shakespeare Raw staging of The Tempest. The Shakespeare Raw approach focusses on the fun end of Shakespeare without worrying about all the tedious pretension tha.. Read more


So they’re doing a production of Henry VIII without rehearsing it. What’s the worst that could happen? Sure it’s got more stage directions than any other play by Shakespeare, but it only caused the Globe Theatre to burn down once . (Really.. Read more



Raw Hamlet

Hamlet has been staged countless times over the course of the past 400 years or so since it was written. People have agonized over every possible angle of every possible line. The tragedy contains one of the single most beautiful soliloquies.. Read more


Early next month Shakespeare Raw presents the first of two October opportunities to hang out with one of the most legendary tragic figures in the history of drama as it stages Macbeth. UWM Theatre will be staging it’s near future vision of t.. Read more


Midway through next month Boozy Bard presents Shakespeare Raw: Merchant of Venice at the Best Place Tavern. The idea is simple: a group of actors familiarize themselves with a play--in this case, Merchant of Venice --a moneylending drama w.. Read more


Titus Andronicus is thought to have been Shakespeare’s first tragedy. It is one of his least-respected plays. Back then bloody revenge drama was popular. So it’s possible this was Shakespeare’s attempt to sell tickets without regard to artistic me.. Read more




Some time ago, a certain (no longer active) Milwaukee theater critic showed a certain amount of snobbery when he suggested that only those who are classically trained Shakespearian actors should perform the works of Shakespeare. Ignoring how poorl.. Read more


Injust a few days, Shakespeare Raw will be staging a what may prove to bea fast and loose version of Macbeth at the beginning of nextmonth. 20 actors play 20 parts in an unrehearsed production that is alsoadvertised as involving a “$#!+ton of .. Read more


Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim aren’t cartoons, but they are the stars on the Cartoon Network, filling late-night airtime with “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!,” a surreal sketch comedy show. With the poorly lit sets and sad Read more

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Even after boogie-woogie pianist/voodoo-R&B musician Dr. John hypnotized his own cult following in the late ’60s, he never gave up his side career as a session player for the stars. He continued recording with the likes of B.B. King, Ringo Read more

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Birdie’s Café looks like a place you might stumble across on a walk through a European city. Outside, the restaurant, tucked into a quiet side street near Washington Park, resembles a rambling, half-timbered Tudor. Indoors, the café op Read more

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Africa is a large continent with many nations, so talking about African food is similar to speaking of European food (do you mean fish and chips or pasta?). Ethiopian Cottage is a fine representative of the food of East Africa, where injera... Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

On Sept. 14, voters in the Democratic primary will select the running mate for the party’s nominee for governor, presumed to be Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. The selection of the lieutenant governor will shape the strength and focus of the t... Read more

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Is this a bad year for incumbents—especially Democratic incumbents?Voters on the southwest side of Milwaukee and Greenfield will decide that question on Sept. 14, when 27-year incumbent Rep. Peggy Krusick faces newcomer Scott Dettman. Krusi... Read more

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Unlike many punk pioneers, former X frontman John Doe has managed to remain both alive and relevant. In fact, Doe’s output has increased as he has gotten older. The 21st century has seen him release six albums, the latest being 2009’s Count... Read more

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A three-day showcase of area experimental rock, pop and punk bands, Freaks Come Out Fest returns to the all-ages arts space the Borg Ward for its second year tonight. Tonight’s lineup includes Holy Shit!, Cartilage Party, Freedom Ride Read more

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When Milwaukee’s retro-soul 10-piece Kings Go Forth last played a record release at Turner Hall Ballroom in July, everything went well save for the absence of an actual record to release. They had good reason for the delay, though: They’d j... Read more

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