No one goes to Summerfest just to eat. That's what StateFair is for. But after eight hours of rockin' out, you're going to need alittle something to get you through those 10 p.m. headliners. I tried asmattering of offerings so you don't have to.. Read more

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Chef/owner Peter Sandroni opened La Merenda in February 2007. Customers were instantly wowed with his selection of international tapas including such items as lumpia Shanghai, lobster Read more

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At most local Mexican restaurants seafood takes up little of the menu, and is usually limited to shrimp fajitas, maybe a seafood cocktail and, if lucky, a ceviche appetizer. But that changed dramatically in the autumn of 2009 Read more

Dining Preview

Kiku (202 W. Wisconsin Ave.) is a favorite Japanese restaurant among Shepherd Express readers. Although the restaurant has two bars, the space is not especially large. The menu has a breadth of seafood entrée options Read more

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In 2010 the restaurant at Turner Hall closed its doors. Quite a shame as the Hall, constructed in 1882, has a lot of charm. The restaurant reopened a few weeks ago and a few improvements have been made. The wood floors Read more

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The exterior of Fritz's Pub looks like many corner bars in Milwaukee. And upon entering, it still fits the bill, with its dark, windowless interior, sheet-paneling walls and imitation brick. But Fritz's menu, which includes some Serbian ite... Read more

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The name Joe Jack Talcum might not ring many bells for casual punk fans, but the name Joe Genaro might. Genaro, who has been self-releasing cassettes and albums under the Joe Jack Talcum nom de plum for years, was the founding guitarist and... Read more

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To serve 4 people you will need: 2 pounds 15-20 count tiger shrimp 1 sm,Just Cook It Read more


One of my favorite Mexican foods is camarones a la diabla—the devil’s shrimp. In theory means shrimp in a fiendishly spicy red pepper sauce, but even in Mexico the level Read more

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Oneof my favorite Mexican foods is camarones a la diabla—the devil’sshrimp. In theory means shrimp in a fiendishly spicy red pepper sauce,but even in Mexicothe level of spicing varies considerably. A simple beachside restaurantat Zihuatanejo serv... Read more

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