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South Side Milwaukee’s El Rey Foodmart specializes in fruits and juices for a healthful breakfast or fruity afternoon pick-me-up. more

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When Frank Greguska Sr. and his wife, Irene, first opened Discount Liquor in 1960, martini drinkers made gin “in,” beer and soda was sold in returnable bottles, and beer choices were limited to about a half-dozen domestics like Blatz or Hamm’s. more


La Canoa stands out in Milwaukee’s crowded Mexican food arena for its excellent seafood. more

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Friday, Feb 12 at 9 am marks the grand opening of theHistoric Mitchell Street Market Place, a blast from the past that will becomepart of Mitchell Street’s future.The grocery store will include a full service meat and delidepartment, a ful.. more

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In business since 1978, Fritz’s Pub (3086 S. 20th St.) has been a fixture among South Side Milwaukee bars with a reputation for its Serbian burger. more

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As light and insubstantial a comedy as it is, A Cudahy Caroler Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving. In Tandem Theatre has staged Anthony Wood's classic South Side holiday comedy many, many times over the more


In recent years the city has seen an increase in Vietnamese restaurants specializing in pho, the classic Vietnamese noodle soup served in huge bowls and in many variations. Most of the pho eateries are concentrated on Milwaukee's South Side... more

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On Feb. 15, Bay View and near South Side voters will decide which of three candidates will advance to the April 5 general election for District 14 County Supervisor. The three candidates are salesman Gregory Dickenson, community activist Ja... more

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Like so many alternative-rock groups formed around 2005, Australia’s Temper Trap began as post-punk revivalists, but they had broadened their palette considerably by the time they released their 2009 album, Conditions . The record has more

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