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A 2018 national climate change assessment notes that, in the Great Lakes region, lake surface temperatures are increasing, ice cover is declining and seasonal stratification of temperatures in the lakes is occurring earlier in the year. What can be d Read more

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Under the umbrella of the Water Council, Milwaukee’s water cluster companies focus their energies on solving critical and ongoing water-use issues aided by investment by state and local governments and universities. Read more

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The HolidayFolk Fair International’s 2014 theme is “Celebrate the Culture of theArtisan”—a very apt description, considering that 53 ethnics groups from aroundthe world will feature their food, art, music and dance heritages withsoutheaster.. Read more

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Antiseen, a brutal punk band from South Carolina, has poured literal sweat and blood onstage for 27 years, rampaging through songs about wrestling, Taco Bell and talk shows, showing little political correctness in their southern-fried punk-... Read more

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Water is the stuff of life, but in Milwaukee it’s also b,Cover Story Read more

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SoutheasternWisconsin has its share of problems related to water, but that alsomeans it —source: “Water Summit White Paper” by Sammis B. White, July 14, 2008,News Features Read more

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We’ve all read the screaming headlines about the $100 million wasted by the Milwaukee Shepherd. Read more

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