Filmed in appropriately dim shades of winter, The Innocents is a beautifully acted story of the many ways devotion can be expressed in times of great trouble. Although set in Poland in the months after World War II, the film shares somethin... Read more

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Scott Walker’s face appears in this primer on unionism and the accompanying text isn’t flattering. Topping Walker’s agenda is union busting, a move many outside the unions support with little understanding of the implications Read more


Afghanistan has often been called unconquerable, the “graveyard of empires,” but as Tamim Ansary argues in his witty overview of that country’s history, truisms aren’t always entirely true. Ansary reminds readers that Read more


Arkady and Boris Strugatsky's Roadside Picnic, reissued in a paperback English-language edition by Chicago Review Press, is a classic Soviet-era science fiction novel that rivals the work of Bradbury, Asimov and Ellison. It's hard not to no... Read more


Among the most interesting dissident composers of the late Soviet era, Arvo Pärt merged elements of minimalism with the choral traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy. He has attracted interest from the Western avant-garde, as witnessed by the arti... Read more

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Superheroes and the universe they inhabit, where every gesture is bigger than a billboard and good argues with evil in cartoon balloons, are funny. And in a society that realizes this, superheroes can be dysfunctional oddballs as easily as savior.. Read more

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Conference USA is SO deep, in fact, that no other team in theconference had a guy nominated for the conference's Sixth Man of theYear award.The award went to Memphis' Wesley Witherspoon whomissed six games and who's stats - 4 points-per-game an.. Read more

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Tofall into the clutches of the Soviet Union’ssystem of arrest, imprisonment and t The Forsaken: An American Tragedy inStalin’s Russia ,Books Read more