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Roll out the barrel for these upcoming Milwaukee-area craft beer events. more


From the raucous to the laid-back, here is what you should be doing this St. Patrick's Day. more

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The Tap Takeover Podcast is back with the much-anticipated second part of our interview with Randy Sprecher, owner of Sprecher Brewing in Milwaukee. more

Tap Takeover Podcast

We’ve got a new partnership with Shepherd Express to announce, new music contributions from The Gleasons and Mama Digdown’s Brass Band, and a brand new interview with one of the pioneers of craft beer – Randy Sprecher!Owner of Sprecher Brew... more

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Milwaukee-based company Cousins Subs is transitioning to all Wisconsin-made cheeses and offering Wisconsin-based Sprecher root beer at all locations. more

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X will be down a member when they return to Milwaukee, but Exene Cervenka says they’re making the best of the situation. more

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Oneof Milwaukee’s oldest craft breweries, Sprecher Brewery will celebrate its 30thanniversary with a free party at Juneau Park on Aug. 28 and 29 with live musicand, of course, beer, served from Milwaukee County's Traveling Beer Garden and a pai.. more

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Wisconsin brews made a strong showing in the 2015 United States Open BeerChampionship. This year, 4,000 beers, ciders and root beers from allover the world competed in the annual event, representing professionalbreweries and home brewers. Judge.. more

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It's definitely summer in Milwaukee. There are about a millionbeer, wine and cocktail events coming up, and the beer gardens are hopping. Thefirst big beer festival of the summer season is also coming June 20, theWisconsin Beer Lover's Festival.. more

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One of theperennial questions of philosophy is whether the definition of "moral act" entails that it be done for the right reasons. A utilitarian like John StuartMill thinks not. So long as your action redounds to the greatest happiness forthe .. more

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Milwaukee’s reputation as an especially boozy city is hard earned. Remember that pridefully when you wake up disoriented and dehydrated. A handful of upcoming events mean to solidify this reputation.On Friday, May 8, the iconic Five O’Clock Stea.. more

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To celebrate American Cheese month, Sprecher Breweryin Glendale will host a Wisconsin grilled cheese and beer dinner on October 23rd. Seven gourmet cheese sandwiches will be paired with seven Sprecher beersfor the buffet-style dinner. The sandwi.. more

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Originally brewed solely for Milwaukee’s African World Festival, Sprecher Brewing Company’s Shakparo Ale has become available year round. Brewed with sorghum and more


With aims of empowering young women, last year Milwaukeeans Valerie Lucks and Ashley Smith, along with a team of volunteers, organized the first-ever Girls Rock Milwaukee, a week-long music camp. Clearly it struck a chord: The camp doubled its enr.. more

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Plenty of energy at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum this week. “Wear Your Words” is the name of the project undertaken by local teenagers in cahoots with environmental educator, artist and recycling consultant Nancy Judd. The work co... more

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With so many craft breweries and brewpubs in our town you may be wondering if there is a way to bring that fresh draught taste home with you. Bottles are easy more

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Summer is almost upon us, which means backyard barbeques, outdoor projects and (hopefully) lots of relaxing in the sun. When the temperatures soar above 80 degrees more

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For years Sprecher Brewery has heard requests from customers asking for an adult version of its signature root beer. This month the company finally obliged with the release of Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer, but it wasn’t easy. more

Dining Preview

Commercial country music saw the '90s end with bang upon the national debut of Montgomery Gentry. Eddie Montgomery (brother of arguably more gentlemanly country hitmaker John Michael Montgomery) and Eddie Gentry hit hard with the purpose... more

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One of history’s longest-running author/character relationships existed between British author P.G. Wodehouse and Jeeves, the valet to the wealthy Bertie Wooster. Nearly half a century passed between Wodehouse’s first and last Jeeves storie... more