Spring Arts Guide 2019

Southeast Wisconsin’s most comprehensive arts calendar along with critics’ choices in all media. Read more

Spring Arts Guide

Here are our editors' picks for the can't-miss events this spring in theater, dance and visual arts. Read more

Spring Arts Guide

When I think of the current state of dance in Milwaukee, I can’t help but think of things that are no longer here and have left voids. For an independent modern/contemporary dance artist like me, a few of those things are these... Read more

Spring Arts Guide


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You tell me what’s happening in dance here. If you open up the idea—it’s not just ballet and what’s going on with Danceworks. Read more

Spring Arts Guide


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Milwaukee’s dance landscape is proudly growing in the number of creating artists and companies, but I believe there are growing pains, as well. Read more

Spring Arts Guide


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That goes to the core of Danceworks because our mission is to enhance the joint creativity of the Milwaukee community, and you broaden your chances by reaching into different disciplines. Read more

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Photo credit: Meredith W. Watts

Milwaukee is a small big city where dance expands its potential daily. It is enough to be involved with the dance community in Milwaukee to realize that there is some dance-related event taking place in the city virtually every week. Read more

Spring Arts Guide

By definition, dance is art in motion, and figuratively speaking, Milwaukee’s dance culture is not standing still. The theme of the Shepherd Express’ 2019 Spring Arts Guide is dance, a field in performing arts that has been the site of great activity Read more

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