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The African American performer Josephine Baker led a remarkable life, amply transcribed and pictured in a thick new graphic biography, Josephine Baker, by writer Jose-Luis Bocquet and illustrator Catel Muller. more


Ridiculous as it sounds, there are places on our planet where ESPN, Major League Baseball and the NFL don't reign. These primitive lands somehow get through the day without the constant blare of "SportsCenter" or... more

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Now we're really getting somewhere with this baseball season! And not just first place, where the Brewers may have settled in for good. That's nice, but Milwaukee also has gained something every fan base loves: a top-shelf villain to root a... more

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Sundays at the ballpark don't get much better in Milwaukee. The Brewers completed a sweep of St. Louis, grabbed first place in the National League Central division and gave fans good reasons to think they'll stay there. And it happened at a... more

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Following in the footsteps of Motion City Soundtrack’s high-energy power pop, the St. Louis’ trio The Blind Eyes has been carving out a place for themselves both in and outside of their native Missouri. They recently took home the honor of “Best ... more

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No sooner did the Milwaukee Brewers’ four-game home series against St. Louis wrap up than the team starts another one. ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Hello! Superbly written and reported story on these cover-ups in Milwaukee by th electorate, ,Letters more

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