Steel Magnolias

The Sunset Playhouse’s ensemble for STEEL MAGNOLIAS has more than enough warmth to make the Furlan Auditorium feel like a cozy, little Louisiana beauty parlor. more


Elm Grove in the middle of winter is not northwestern Louisiana in the late ’80s. This week, Sunset Playhouse brings a little bit of warmth to the stage as it presents Robbert Harling’s 1987 classic Steel Magnolias. Drawn from his experien.. more


Sayyou’re a regular performance group that regularly performs on the first Fridayof the month. What do you do when the first friday of the month happens to landon one of the biggest holidays of the year? If you’re Dead Man’s Carnivalyou go ahe.. more


 As the month opens, The Village Playhouse of Wauwatosa offers audiences an opportunity to hang out in a 1980'™s southern beauty salon . . . onstage in a church. The Playhouse will be staging a production of the enduring 1987 Robert Harling dra.. more


For Americans still suffering from persistent unemployment, falling incomes and rising inequality, politicians of either party probably generate little enthusiasm. Yet although political ennui is understandable, the disaffection and demoral... more

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Soulstice Theatre brings some Southern flavor to the stage this week with an intimate production of Robert Harling’s classic 1987 stage drama, Steel Magnolias. Soulstice’s fourth-floor studio theater on Milwaukee’s South Side will serve more


One of my friends knows a lot of guys who get Prince Alberts (the piercing). He says they One of my friends knows a lot of guys who get Prince Alberts (the piercing). He says they ,SEXPress more

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