Stephen Massicotte


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Home to American Players Theatre (APT) is a magical natural outdoor amphitheater on a hill in the middle of the woods that lies two hours from Milwaukee in Spring Green. APT is a repertory theater company of 37 years that pays tribute to Sh... Read more



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Next Act Theatre’s world premiere of Stephen Massicotte’s 'Ten Questions to Ask your Biology Teacher about Evolution' is an adeptly performed exploration of the 150-year-old faith-science controversy still raging today. Read more



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Next Act Theatre closes its season next month with a world premiere. Playwright/screenwriter Stephen Massicotte had written The Clockmaker , which Next Act produced a couple of years ago. This year Massicotte bring Next Act Ten Questions to Ask Yo.. Read more


Stephen Massicotte's The Clockmaker is a delicate drama of narrative poetry. Events don't unfold in a linear fashion. They conform to a dreamlike logic of emotion that resonates through the heart of human connection. It's very, very difficu... Read more


The plot has been compared to Kafka, but there are elements that also echo the work of Philip K. Dick and quite a few others. The fact of the matter is that it is about time. "It," in this case, happens to be Stephen Massicotte's The Clockm... Read more


The Milwaukee Brewers wrap up their series against the Houston Astros this afternoon with a 1:10 p.m. game at Miller Park. Read more

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