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The world is falling apart (and zombies are only one problem) in this dark satire. Read more

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The emotionally moving Lean on Pete is a present-day western about a boy and his horse set in the declining milieu of horse racing. Read more

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Steve Buscemi stars in The Death of Stalin, a dark comedy that indicts dictators and their power-crazed minions. Read more

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 In the sleight of hand comedy, The IncredibleBurt Wonderstone, Steve Carrell and Steve Buscemi pay a pair of glitsy LasVegas show magicians confronted by Jim Carrey's "edgy" brand ofcontemporary performance. Consistently amusing and often laug.. Read more

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The Israeli secret service is justifiably known for its James Bond gadgets as well as its long reach. In the Oscar-nominated documentary The Gatekeepers, six former chiefs of Shin Bet are interviewed and discuss the frustrations of their jo... Read more

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<p> With a face like a blunt instrument and eyes sharper than bullets, Officer Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson) glares at the slums of LA through the window of his patrol car. The time is 1999, just a few years after Rodney King, but Brown is unrepen.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The Big Lebowski is the funniest film the Coen Brothers ever produced, wrote and directed. It stars Jeff Bridges as “the Dude,” whose real name is Lebowski, which draws him into an underworld swirling around the kidnapping of the trophy wife o.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

And that’s just it:Thee Midniters were capable of doing several things very well wi Thee Complete ,CD Reviews Read more

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Theexhibition is the culmination of nearly a decade’s worth of preparation fromconception to completion, involving national and international loans fromprivate and museum collections as well as the demanding physical logistics offinalizing ... Read more

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Last year’s Pabst Blue Ribbon block-party celebration outside of Burnhearts in Bay View was a small but pleasant affair, a day of music and cheap PBR capped by a performance from the Detroit Cobras. This year’s follow-up event promises to b... Read more

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