Sun Tzu

Less history than philosophy, On Grand Strategy by Yale history professor John Lewis Gaddis values the ability of flexible leaders to shift course to reach a morally defensible goal. Read more


In More on War, Martin Van Creveld, a historian with ties to the Israeli military, sets out to rethink the theory of waging war in the present day. Read more


Seattle-based cartoonist Jessica Hagy’s The Art of War Visualized provides the key texts of Sun Tzu’s classic on strategy with captioned circle and arrow drawings. Read more


As recently as the 1970s, only China specialists knew of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in the West. Sun and his book were ignored entirely in the 1975 edition of World Book Encyclopedia. But since then, The Art of War has been embraced by athletes and.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The title doesn't even begin to cover it. The majority of the action takin Brutal ,Film Read more

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