Tim: The Improvised Musical

T.I.M.:The Improvised Musical recently tooka trip to New York to perform. Fresh from that road trip, the group returnsthis month for their Halloween show. The performance group features an assemblyof talented improv comics who also happen to b.. Read more


 Wisconsin's largest comedy event reached its second weekend last night with a single show. The 7:30 pm Thursday night evening was a nice warm-up for Festival's final shows. The Jazzy sound of Filthharmonic played through Next Act's theatre space.. Read more


For most of us, conjuring concise and cogent catchphrases is nearly impossible. In fact, the skill can seem like the black magic of mystical mad men. During the 1960s, the most influential of these Svengalis were the executives working in M... Read more

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In trying to show the fragile balance ofrelationships, playwright Lucinda Coxon leans hea Happy Now? ,Theater Read more