With world music bands, the presence of Western guest stars usually bodes ill. All that fine talk of cross-cultural influences is seldom more important than the strategy of cross-marketing. But on Tassili, the presence of Wilco's Nels Cline... Read more

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The Tuareg nomads who roam the desert borderlands of Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso are producing some fascinating music. The best known among the Tuareg bands, Tinariwen, have transposed the sound of Mississippi Delta blues to an elec.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Desert rebel rockers sounds like marketing spin, but for once, a publicist’s label fits. Tinariwen is a band from the hot, stony outback where Mali meets Algeria, a contested region in the southern Sahara. Somehow these musicians, born of the no.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

In 1944, years before On the Road and Naked Lunch made them household names, 22-year-old J On the Road ,Books Read more


Singer-songwriter and one-time Peter Gabriel protégé Joseph Arthur received an unlikely ca Let's Just Be ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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